Vision and Mission

AIMS: The ‘Pharmacology for Africa’ initiative (PharfA) aims to organise and promote pharmacology on the African continent. Its activities involve the stimulation and coordination of local societal organisation, promotion of research in basic and clinical pharmacology, teaching in pharmacology and continued professional development (life-long learning). It aims to be truly representive of all countries and regions in Africa .

YOUR PARTICIPATION: The initiative enjoys the support of several leading African pharmacologists, international societies and unions, several governmental departments and NGOs. You are cordially invited to participate in the Health Renaissance in Africa . Please fill in your personal information in our database or contact us for more information.

Pharmacology is currently not well organised in Africa and only three societies are members of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR). PharfA aims to improve health care in Africa through pharmacology, by organising pharmacology on the continent. The strategy entails to firstly promote local/national organisation, then groupings for regional organisation and finally a continental forum. The initiative has the full support of IUPHAR and the International Council for Sciences (ICSU) Regional Office for Africa. It actively strives to attract the involvement of several other stake holders.

The Mandate: Truly represent all African regions

The Model: Organizing and promoting pharmacology in/for Africa :

  • develop a database and network of pharmacologists (including Pharmacology Training Institutions) in Africa
  • assist African countries and regions to establish own, and/or develop existing local societies
  • promote the scientific research, teaching and awareness of basic and clinical pharmacology on the African continent
  • develop and arrange regional meetings – basic and clinical
  • promote the internationalization (including membership of IUPHAR) of African pharmacology societies and international exposure of its members

The Mission: Serving the needs of African pharmacologists and societies:

  • identify needs through questionnaires/workshops etc. (e-learning, computer aided learning, integrated teaching, research, etc.)
  • create an environment for improved networking and collaboration between African pharmacologists and clinicians (including technology & communication)
  • develop programs for exchange of students and academics
  • help in the development of pharmacology syllabi for the teaching/learning of pharmacology to health professionals and scientists

Timeline: The initiative works according to the following proposed time-line for accomplishing its goals:


Initiate process (key role players)

200 7-

Launch Website & establish database and network

200 7/8

Arrange regional meetings of Planning Group


Arrange 1 st regional general meeting


Constitute Forum & Governance at first general meeting


Arrange 2 nd regional general meeting


IUPHAR World Congress – Cape Town , South Africa


All Africa Congress 2016