Who can benefit? All pharmacologists involved with medicine in clinical practice, consultation, drug distribution/supply chain, drug registration, drug research & development, education (continued professional education), education (postgraduate), education (undergraduate), manufacturing, policy making, quality control, research (clinical trials), research (pre-clinical), sales & marketing, etc. are welcome to sign-up.

Why register? By signing up for PharfA you contribute to the Health Renaissance in Africa. PharfA can assist you and your colleagues to promote and organise pharmacology on the Africa continent, ultimately for the benefit of the greater community. PharfA could assist you by organising meetings, providing learning opportunities, promoting links and networks between scientists and clinicians in Africa, promoting and suggesting new Societies of pharmacology, etc. Via the link of PharfA to the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) your sign-up will also open doors for international contacts and participation.

How to register? You may sign-up as individual or register your Pharmacology Society in Africa. By signing up as individual, you are assisting PharfA to build a database of pharmacologists and Pharmacology Societies in Africa. Simply fill in the appropriate online form under the [Register] tab of the menu above.

Any costs? No, to register is free of charge with no obligations other than to keep your information updated.